Al Barari- The Farm…

How could I resist? The moment my eyes soaked in the lush beauty of Al Barari – The Farm, an OOTD post with THAT background simply had to happen.

If you haven’t already checked out this little beauty, tucked far away into a corner of Dubai, you have been missing out BIG TIME my friend. The restaurant, The Farm, is nestled into this gorgeous haven of greenery, and for the time you spend there, it is hard to imagine you are in fact in the midst of a desert!

Thanks to the cloudy winter weather and chill in the air, I was transported back to UK, being surrounded by shrubbery and having donned my winter wear! So without further ado, below I share with you a few photographs from our lovely evening in Al Barari.

Can you spot any of the lotuses?

Guess who else loves munching on Sensations?

I sat in a hammock. Need I say more?

The Farm looked even more beautiful as the sun set, and the trees were lit up. Simply magical ambiance.

Outfit Details:

Striped dress – H&M UK

White leather jacket – Street market in Moscow

Skinny Jeans – Max UAE

Statement necklace – Primark UK

Silk scarf – Ansar Gallery

Have you been to Al Barari- The Farm yet? What are your thoughts? Feel free to share any other recommendations of similarly gorgeous restaurants in Dubai, in the comments section below! Thank you! 

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