My BFP (Big Fat Positive)

Me and my husband weren’t actively trying. Well, we had kind of left it to the Almighty to bless us with a baby when He thought it would be the right time. Because lets be real, when is it EVER the right time? When do you finally think you are ready? I know many people will be shouting out various different reasons like “When I have X amount in my bank” or “when I have reached X amount of years, so that I am mature/experienced/lived my life” yaadi-yaadi-ya. To be honest, I was one of those people too. Before marriage, I too thought that it would be wise to wait a year so that me and my husband can spend quality time together, whilst making sure our finances were up to the challenge.

However, Islam made me see sense. A baby is a blessing from God alone, and it is He who decides when a couple are ready for the blessing. However much you may plan, He is the best planner of all. I also realised that I can never truly ever be ready for a baby. I will only learn about it first hand. No matter how many books or websites I read, nothing is going to prepare me for a baby than a baby itself. And so we left it to Almighty to bless us with a baby whenever He chose to do so. And boy, was it quick!!

One fine morning, only a couple of months into being married, I was sick after having breakfast. It was a different breakfast to what I normally have, so I thought that’s probably what had upset my tummy. After I cleaned myself up, I started to get ready for work, and told my sleepy husband of what had happened. He of course instantly started joking around that I was pregnant. I dismissed his silly jokes and went to work. However, the entire day I could not get it out of my head, and when I reached home, I told my husband “Lets buy a pregnancy test just to be sure.”

It took three BFPs for it to sink in. We first bought two cheap pregnancy tests, that were like thin sticks, reminding me of litmus paper from school. These were very quickly and clearly positive. But just to be absolutely sure before we told the family, we took a Clear Blue pregnancy test too, and when I returned from the bathroom with my BFP, I remember me and my husband getting all teary with joy and excitement.

I was overwhelmed with happiness but shocked that it had happened so quickly. We both immediately looked down at my stomach and caressed the skin that would very soon bulge and hold our little baby.

Fast forward to a few days later, I was in a clinic having an ultrasound, when the doctor showed me a tiny embryo and said I was already 11 weeks pregnant. 11 weeks?!?! You can bet that we were all shocked in that room! And so began my pregnancy…

Here are the links to each milestone in my pregnancy…

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  • treatmesweetlie May 3, 2015 at 6:25 pm

    Memories!! We also first bought a really simple test, after which my husband went back to the same pharmacy to get the clear blue test. I was 5 weeks when i found out. Loving your posts!

    • MOMM May 3, 2015 at 6:46 pm

      Thank you so kuch for your kind support! It’s great to go down memory lane once in a while!


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