blogiversary mummyonmymind

My 3rd Blogiversary…

3rd blogiversary mummyonmymind

Three whole years! Today Mummy On My Mind turns THREE, and it makes me so immensely happy to share this with you. This year has seen some great achievements but I think most importantly it has allowed me to refocus on what and why I began blogging.

This year I came across the term Content Creator, and I feel that is what best describes what I do, rather than wanting to call myself a blogger or the (unfortunately negative) term “influencer”. I took a step back from being so consumed by numbers and checking my stats daily, and instead concentrated on simply creating. The Mummy On My Mind YouTube Channel has been a great source for an alternate creative outlet, and I have been loving discovering the process of editing and capturing memories in motion. Being a Content Creator, I have experimented with different methods by which I can speak my mind creatively, whether that is in video format or by the #MummyOnMyMindDoodles I create. I hope in the next year, I explore even more ways of creating content, and already have some ideas in the pipeline which I am very excited about!

“This blog started out as a personal diary to record my thoughts on Parenting, writing about topics such as pregnancy, being a first time mumbreastfeedingteethingstretchmarks, and even holiday-ing with a baby, whilst coming to terms with being an expat living in Dubai. This, it will always remain as I want to be able to read back posts and capture the special moments that have made mothering Baby Z so so very special. “

I wrote the above statement in my 1st Blogiversary Post, and I feel that announcing my second pregnancy this past year has brought back the focus of my blog, being a personal diary, as I document all three trimesters, and my pregnancy journey, solely to be able to look back at these memories with fondness and remember the raw emotions I felt.

Having said that, I am human too, and as all my peers, I have often felt frustrated with the algorithm changes and disappointment when hard work hasn’t paid off as well as I hoped it would have. However, once I began forming relationships with my readers, it was quite clear what was more important. Not the numbers, but the laughter shared when someone else can relate to the exact same situation you are going through.

Through my blog this past year, I have been able to give back to you, my readers, through some pretty amazing giveaways. I also hosted my very first Mother’s Day Lunch at the fabulous Farzi Cafe and starred in video campaigns for brands such as Starbucks and Pizza Express. I even did my very first Snapchat takeover with Mumzworld, and continued to recommend products/services that have worked for me. Oh and I went ahead and won the Ikea Salmon Challenge with a fellow blogger, so that pretty much made my year. I have been able to discover and support some more amazing local businesses, and the stories behind how they were brought to life by inspiring women. I have also been welcomed into the Pretty Paper Studio Design Team, giving me the opportunity to create and share Mom & Child crafts. There are far too many to name, but I have had the chance to work with some amazing brands on different campaigns that I could not have dreamed to be a part of. The past year has also given me opportunities to experience Dubai in a way I could not have imagined, and I am very very grateful for it all. This past year I have also developed friendships and found my “tribe” within the blogger gang.

So with all this in mind, I step into the fourth year of Mummy On My Mind, content with being a content creator, grateful for the opportunities I have been given, but most importantly of all, thankful to YOU. You reading. You following. You subscribing. You sharing. You liking. You commenting. You watching. You laughing along with me. You for your daily support, which has encouraged me to carry on doing what I do. Thank YOU.

Here’s the another year of Mummy On My Mind! 

( Read back through my First and Second Blogiversary Posts here. )

P.S. Feel free to drop me a line about what you love/hate seeing on the blog, and what you would like to see more of! All your feedback is highly appreciated!


  • hena jacob January 21, 2018 at 8:24 am

    congrats dear Zeyna

  • Mehtab January 25, 2018 at 12:42 am

    Well done Zeyna. Congratulations and keep going.


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