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“Live Like A Maharaja” At Asha’s – Review…

I have grown up listening to Asha Bhosle’s melodies, thanks to my parents, and singing along to the chorus of songs such as “Chura Liya Hai Tumne Jo Dil Ko” and “Abhi Na Jao Chod Kar” was simply the norm in our household. For those that are unaware, Asha Bhosle is an Indian singer renowned for her amazing voice range and versatility, with a career spanning 70 years, and even has a Guinness World Record to show for it, amongst many other awards.

Asha’s is the chain of restaurants over five countries by Asha Bhosle herself, showcasing her passion for great Indian food and catering to those looking for a luxurious experience with Indian cuisine. One of these is nestled in the heart of Pyramids- Wafi, and last Friday my family and I had the chance to dine at this exemplary restaurant. 

asha's restaurant mummyonmymind

asha's restaurant mummyonmymind

As you enter the restaurant, you are greeted by photographs of Asha Bhosle in her youth and with other notable celebrities of Cricket, Hollywood, Bollywood and even a couple of World Leaders. Asha’s is laced with candle lights and rich maroon coloured fabrics, to set the ambiance for a luxurious and relaxed setting.

asha's restaurant mummyonmymind

asha's restaurant mummyonmymind


After propping the sofa pillows just right and getting comfortable, we sifted through the “Live Like a Maharaja(King)” Menu, as we were offered Papad (Popadum) and a selection of dips including three chutneys of Mint, Tomato and Mango. The sweet chunky and tangy mango dip was my favourite.

“This menu reflects the very best of Indian cuisine and promises a truly memorable dining experience. It combines traditional North Western cuisine, Indian home-style cooking and new-age fusion selections that give authentic Indian dishes an innovative twist.”

asha's restaurant mummyonmymind

asha's restaurant mummyonmymind

Aloo Khusnuma (AED 42) 

“Potato Barrels stuffed with paneer and dry fruits charred in the tandoor and napped with a royal mussalam gravy.” Spicy, but oh-so-good, that I couldn’t stop taking bite after bite until it was all gone. The rich flavoursome gravy against the earthy potato is enriched with the spark of pomegranate in between bites. It is a desi style Jacket Potato, with remnants of Chaat, fit for an Indian royal family.

asha's restaurant mummyonmymind

Jheenga Be-Aab (AED 75) 

“The Nizam of Hyderabad’s treasured recipe. Prawns cooked in a robust gravy of onions, tomatoes and cashew nuts with a blend of secret spices.” I am a huge fan of prawns so this dish was an instant winner. The small chunks of prawns are seasoned to perfection and cooked enough to be slightly crunchy as your teeth dig into them. The presentation was also highly impressive! Definitely a must-try if you are a sea food lover like me.

asha's restaurant mummyonmymind

Kumbh Jhinge Lazeez (AED 70) 

“Button mushrooms stuffed with coriander, garlic and marinated prawn mince, with a depth of flavour to stir one’s soul.” Too right! My husband and I were fighting for the last remaining button mushroom. The mushroom stuffing is yet again rich with flavour, and the mushrooms themselves are tender soft.

asha's restaurant mummyonmymind


Mango Lassi, Salted Lassi and The Alchemist. Though the Alchemist was my drink of choice for the evening, I much preferred the Mango Lassi because I feel it complimented the Indian cuisine a lot more than the red berry ice drink. You can never go wrong with Lassi!


asha's restaurant mummyonmymind

Daal Makhni  

Not included in the “Live Like A Maharaja” menu, but Asha’s signature must-try dish. I can only explain the rich authentic lentil gravy as pure Motherly comfort food.

Naan-E-Burani (AED 18)

“Naan topped with cheese and garlic.” Pure indulgence.

Naan -E-Bakumach (AED 16)

“Whole wheat and semolina bread with fennel seeds.”

asha's restaurant mummyonmymind

Rampuri Paya Biryani (AED 145) 

“A masterpiece from the kingdom of Ramur, this biryani has baby lamb slow cooked overnight with saffron, raisin and lamb jus enriched basmati rice.” Ideal for sharing, this main is Biryani heaven, with meat so tender it is literally falling off the bone. The flavours are rich and luxurious, not at all spicy and harsh, and accompany the flavoured rice very well.


asha's restaurant mummyonmymind

The “Live Like A Maharaja” Menu stars two indulgent desserts. Ghever and Shahi Tukda. Ghever is a twist on the classic dessert of royal Rajisthan. Topped with fresh blueberry, rabri and cream cheese. Though, it sounds delicious, we opted to go for the Shahi Tukda to end our royal meal.

asha's restaurant mummyonmymind

Shahi Tukda (AED 45) 

“A Royal favourite amongst Mughal emperors. Our version of the bread pudding features reduced milk, pistachios and almonds.” Though slightly more hard in texture, this dessert was milky and sweet enough to not be overpowering. By pouring the given Rabri over it, it turned the dish into excellence, and ended our night on a splendid high.

“Live Like a Maharaja” Menu

This menu brings to the table food enjoyed by Indian royalty across dynasties and showcases 14 dishes that take inspiration from the royal kitchens of India, creating a spread fit for kings and queens alike. This post is only a snippet of the dishes being served, so make sure to visit and pick your favourites from the menu for yourself.

If you are in search for authentic Indian cuisine, I would highly recommend this menu at Asha’s. The flavours in all the dishes are rich and plentiful. Though the restaurant is dimly lit, and not ideal for children as it is better suited for adults (as are majority of Fine Dining restaurants), the staff were very hospitable and offered my son a balloon to take away with him at the end of the night. They also have high chairs available for small children, and over all I found them to be very prompt at response and serving meals.

The ‘Live Like a Maharaja’ menu will be available at Asha’s at Pyramids, Wafi from April 7, 2017 onwards for a short period. The menu is all set to take Asha’s innovative excellence in Indian food to the next level.

Find out more about Asha’s on or follow for updates on Instagram.

asha's restaurant mummyonmymind

Note: I was invited to review the new menu at Asha’s, however all views and opinions expressed above are honest and solely my won. 


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