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Things I said Alhumdulillah for in September 2019…

Alhumdulillah means “All Praise is due to God” and are the words uttered by a Muslim when he/she is expressing gratitude to Allah. I find myself saying this numerous times a day and this post is a collection of moments when I have said Alhumdulilah during the past month.

Things I said Alhumdulillah for in September:

  1. My little champion, Master Z, started FS2 this month, at a brand new school…and already he has a best friend and is over all, really enjoying school. My heart could just burst with pride. How will my heart take it when he actually graduates from university?!
  2. Catching up with my group of friends over a cuppa. So so good for the soul.
  3. I went and did the unthinkable. I joined the gym! More about why it’s so shocking, what was I thinking, when did this happen and how here. And I have managed to keep it up so far. In fact, I’m going for a run as soon as I finish this post…who even AM I?
  4. Travelling in the metro with kids. It’s such a novelty when we aren’t doing it daily for our work commute, and so much fun for the boys. Little Z was looking out of the window with a pair of binoculars for the most part of it! haha!
  5. When Master Z finishes a sentence with …”because I love you.” Aaaah, #BeStillMyBeatingHeart (We will ignore the fact that he said it because he needed something from me…:P)
  6. Going for a therapeutic String Art Workshop. Nothing like beating away your stress with a hammer…
  7. Finally being able to finalise our December holiday plans to our home, back in Leicester, UK. Let the shopping for winter boots begin!
  8. I finally got the chance to pen down my weaning experience with Little Z, in the hopes that it may be useful to all the other mums out there going through the same. Here is the blog post about it, and I have also uploaded an IGTV on the same, which you can find on instagram: @mummyonmymind .
  9. Watching new leaves come out of the plant in our room. Of course. my husband is in charge of keeping it alive, since I don’t have a green finger in my body, but I can still reap it’s benefits, right?

These are just a few of the many times I uttered the words Alhumdulillah this month. Check out what I was thankful for last month here. Also, here’s a list of what I was thankful for in September last year! What are you thankful for? Feel free to share your moments in the comments section below.

september alhumdulillah mummyonmymind

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