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Things I said Alhumdulillah for in August…

Alhumdulillah means “All Praise is due to God” and are the words uttered by a Muslim when he/she is expressing gratitude to Allah. I find myself saying this numerous times a day and this post is a collection of moments when I have said Alhumdulilah during the past month.

Things I said Alhumdulillah for in August:

1. Turning 28! Thank you all for your lovely wishes and duas.
2. Monster Cookies and Brownies. You know how last month I said I was going to get into yoga…yeah, not really happened so far! Oops!
3. Potty training Little Z. There have been accidents galore, but I think he is finally started to get the hang of it. I will definitely share a detailed blog post on the process soon, I promise!
4. Master Z attending a week long “Me & My Confidence” course by RoleModels. He truly enjoyed it, and I would highly recommend their courses!
5. Mango shake and Dosas! Having them after so long made it taste even more delicious, although next time I need to order a separate on for Little Z!
6. Celebrating Mr Z and my 7th wedding anniversary, as well as plenty more celebrations like my parent’s wedding anniversary, my niece’s birthday and my baby bro turning 21!
7. Speaking to the owner of Imaan Lifestyle on this blog’s Local Flair feature. The selection of Islamic lifestyle pieces are just stunning!
8. Online launch events that I can take part in from the comfort of my own home! Bliss!
9. First day of Year 1 at his new school for Master Z. I am a bag of emotions, but I know that he is going to be just fine this year. We just need to get used to this new “normal” which is blended learning in our case. I shared a couple of tips here to get us prepared.

mummyonymind alhumdulillah august

These are just a few of the many times I uttered the words Alhumdulillah this month. Check out what I was thankful for last month here. Also, here’s a list of what I was thankful for in August last year! What are you thankful for? Feel free to share your moments in the comments section below.

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