The Second Trimester…

The next couple of months were simply the best. I had a lovely neat bump which I adored and I was still at that stage where I could do things with reasonable comfort. Que the date nights with Hubby! It was our chance to bond and enjoy a baby free life before our bundle of joy arrived, and I am so glad I took full advantage of it. Though we did not go on any fancy trip abroad, we did little gestures and had nights out spoiling ourselves and just generally enjoying each others company.

I also had a massive craving for sweet and spicy treats, especially the Indian ones, like Pani Puri and Khandvi. So my lovely husband and I would trot (I would shuffle) down to the local restaurant that sold Pani Puri, with my big bottle of water to cool my tongue after having those delicious treats.

Other times, I would ask my husband to get me chocolates and to be honest, I am not sure if those were cravings since I have had a sweet tooth for as long as I can remember, but in this case what my hubby didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him! Hehe!

During my second (and third) trimester, I took plenty of photos and I still look back at them with fondness. Documenting my pregnancy in that way made me cherish my baby boy even more. I could also see myself noticeably getting chubbier (as if the scales weren’t telling me that at every doctor’s appointment) but I honesty did not mind. I was growing a human inside me! Of course my beautiful body is going to undergo some changes, and in the end its only going to become even more beautiful.

Anyway, those were the golden days of pregnancy and when I could still talk positively about absolutely everything before… Well before third trimester sucked it all out of me!

Stay tuned for my next post all about the third trimester that stomped into my life with swollen feet!

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