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SensAsia Urban Spa Pregnancy Massage – Review…

Being 35 weeks pregnant involves a lot of waddling, whale like noises when moving around, and asking the husband to pull you out of the bed every morning with both hands. I was beginning to feel like my body was going to fall apart, with my back and neck hurting as I collapsed in to bed every night. These are not good signs. Not at all. And it was time I did something about it. So when SensAsia Urban Spa asked if I would like to try out their Express Yummy Mummy To Be Pregnancy Massage, this heavily pregnant mama leaped with joy. (Well, as much as a pregnant mama in an old woman’s body can leap.) 

sensasia spa mummyonmymind

SensAsia Urban Spa is currently offering an Express Menu, available across their three locations: Golden Mile Galleria in Palm Jumeirah, Souk Al Manzil in Downtown Dubai and The Village in Jumeirah, SensAsia’s express treatments can be booked between 10am and 6pm on weekdays. Ranging from 20 to 45-minutes of totally targeted treatment time, SensAsia’s express menu includes condensed versions of the most popular facials and massages. The new express treatments have also been adapted to ensure minimum fuss for clients, with options that do not require changing clothes or include the application of any oils. This means that you can be pampered whilst you are on your lunch break! Before I tell you more about the other Express Menu services available, let me talk more about my own experience.

I opted for the Downtown Dubai branch to experience the 45 minute Mini Yummy Mummy To Be Massage, and was welcomed with a refreshing glass of lemon water and hot towel, along with my own sandals being taken away and replaced with slippers.

sensasia spa mummyonmymind

sensasia spa mummyonmymind

I was asked to fill out a form detailing what I required and areas I wanted my masseuse to target and avoid – target areas being neck and back, and avoid being my tummy area since I am pregnant. I was introduced to my masseuse for the afternoon, quite aptly nick named “Ice”, who showed me into the changing rooms for me to change into the robe provided.

I was taken into one of their five massage rooms, each of which is rather compact, with a massage bed in the middle. The ambiance is very calming due to the soft music and calming scent throughout the spa, making you feel very much relaxed as soon as you enter the space.

sensasia spa mummyonmymind

sensasia spa mummyonmymind

The massage itself was excellent, and Ice took very good care of me throughout the session seeing as I am in my third trimester of pregnancy. Pillows and towels helped prop up my legs and support my arms and back as she worked her way, and the majority of the massage was done with me lying on my side, switching once she was done with one side and concentrated on the next.

Ice worked to remove the muscle tension in my shoulders, which is the most painful part of any massage no doubt, but once she relieved those areas, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my neck and shoulders. They no longer felt tight and constrained, symptoms of motherhood that I am sure we can all relate to after picking up toys and mess from the floor for the hundredth time in one hour.

My favourite part was having my legs massaged, to remove water retention, which is a major concern for many pregnant mamas near the end of their pregnancy, followed closely by the head massage. By the end of the 45 minutes, my arms and feet felt like jelly, weightless and as flexible as I have ever been during my entire second pregnancy. I couldn’t be more grateful to Ice for leaving me feeling rejuvenated and ready to embark motherhood once again.

sensasia spa mummyonmymind

sensasia spa mummyonmymind

After the express mummy massage, I was able to relax on a lounge chair with a hot neck pillow and some refreshments. I am not a fan of herbal tea, but I sure did lap up the vegetable sticks, before changing back into my attire and heading out of SensAsia Urban Spa with a huge beaming smile on my face. From my experience, I would highly recommend SensAsia Urban Spa for their hospitality, stellar service and attention to detail. If you are in need of a quick lift and de-stress, make sure to book yourself in for an express service now.

sensasia spa mummyonmymind

Here are some of the highlights of the SensAsia Express Treatment Menu, that you may be interested in trying out yourself, along with duration and price details:


THE RECOVERY 20 minutes / 135dhs
Realign the spine, balance the neck and back, and bring you back to life post-workout.

ELEMIS TASTER FACIAL 30 minutes / 195dhs
Tailored to skin type, the perfect quick fix facial to get you glowing.

SOLE TO SEOUL 30 minutes / 195dhs
An effective foot massage to lighten the load and alleviate stress.

MIND YOUR BNS 30 minutes / 260dhs
Straight to the pain. A back, neck and shoulder blitz.

STRESS SURVIVAL 30 minutes / 195dhs
Take a deep breath. This scalp and face massage is the perfect break from a stress-filled day.

ALL ABOUT THE LEGS 30 minutes / 245dhs
Total focus on those hard-working pins.

STRETCHED TO THE MAX 45 minutes / 240dhs
A speedy, energising, full body stretch. No oil required.

BALI BOUND 45 minutes / 299dhs
A firm, flowing and fabulous melting pot of massage styles.

NAUGHTY KNOTS 45 minutes / 310dhs
A firm, yet fuss-free, 45-minute intensive full body massage.

THE MINI YUMMY MUMMY-TO-BE 45 minutes / 310dhs
A shorter version of SensAsia’s famous bump-friendly massage.

For more information regarding SensAsia Urban Spa and their current offers, head over to their website, or follow them for updates on Instagram and Facebook.

sensasia spa mummyonmymind

Note: I was invited to review the SensAsia Urban Spa Pregnancy Massage, however all views and opinions expressed above are honest and solely my own. 


  • crazy mama, PhD December 15, 2017 at 2:18 am

    Oh my, that sounds lovely! I was so uncomfortable by the end of my second pregnancy. Much worse than my first.

    (Also, you look radiant!)

    • Zeyna S. December 26, 2017 at 1:37 pm

      Aw Thank you, second time is definitely more tiring than the first!


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