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My Ramadan Diaries 2020…

Ramadan Eve: Ramadan Mubarak! The decorations are up, ramadan wishes given over the phone to family members abroad and alarms clocks set for Sehri time! Yet due to the Covid 19 pandemic, in many ways this Ramadan will be different, bringing its own unique set of challenges as well as blessings in disguise with it. One blessing is for Mr Z to lead not only the daily 5 prayers but also the Taraweeh prayers for the entire month In sha Allah, as we pray together in Jamat.

Day 1: I had forgotten how cranky I get during Suhr. The first fast wasn’t too bad, in terms of feeling the hunger, but I did have a pounding headache due to the lack of water. One great thing about having a toddler that naps after lunch though, is you can join them!

Day 2: A much easier fast today Alhumdulillah without the pounding headache of yesterday, thanks to drinking my body weight in water during prior Iftar & Suhoor!

Day 3: The first school distance learning day whilst fasting today…and it actually went rather smoothly! There was only a craft to do (Ramadan Lantern), which Little Z wanted to fully participate in too of course, and it was easy going. Hoping the rest of the school week is the same!

Day 4: Taraweeh time is turning out to be my favourite part of the day for sure. Whereas in previous years, it was a bit of a mad dash and worry about getting Master Z in bed, especially on school nights, and Little Z being too little to occupy himself… this year, praying in Jamat with Mr Z whilst both boys are playing together is just bliss. Alhumdulillah.

Day 5: Today marks one year since my Nana (maternal grandfather) passed away. If you have a spare minute, please do say a little prayer for him. Thank you.

Day 6: I think my body has finally got the hang of fasting, and has got into the rhythm of it all. Yipee!

Day 7: Why must Little Z test my patience just minutes before Iftar time?! Aaarghhh! You can bet patience is all I asked for when making dua to Allah today!

Day 8: Finally, the weekend! No homeschooling for 2 days! Rejoice! Also, gift wrapped all of Master Z’s birthday gifts after Suhoor today.

Day 9: Master Z woke up for Suhoor and enjoyed a Pain au Chocolat, but went back to sleep before Fajr! Haha!

Day 10: Managed to sneakily draw a Dubai Police Car for Master Z’s Birthday card during the day. Kinda proud of how it looks you know!

Day 11: Need to make more of the Energy Date Balls to break our fast with because we are getting through them at lightening speed!

Day 12: Treated myself to some Chocolate Icecream post Iftar. For surviving today.

Day 13: I couldn’t help but feel sad today about the fact that Masjids are closed this Ramadan. As beautiful it is to have the whole family pray together at home, I am also gutted that the boys aren’t able to experience the congregational prayers in the Masjid. It will be one of those things we never take for granted ever again once this is all over. In sha Allah.

Day 14: Waterbeads are an absolute life saver! Hours of endless fun for the kids! #ParentingWin

Day 15: Managed to write two blog posts today and have a ton of other stuff on my to-do list to get done! Also, loved admiring the glowing full moon from our bedroom window before we slept. It was quite a sight, SubhanaAllah!

Day 16: Perks of the weekend? Takeaway for Iftar! Yipee!

Day 17: When the boys give me kisses without asking. Aaah. Makes all this motherhood malarky totally worth it, right?

Day 18: Trying to make butter cream for Master Z’s Birthday Cake without licking my fingers. Hardest.Thing.Ever!

Day 19: Today Master Z turns 6! I can’t believe it, where has my little baby gone? It surely was one to remember, with Zoom birthday wishes from his loved one! He also got a remote controlled Dubai Police car which he has been wanting for the longest time and overall an amazing birthday! The home made Chocolate Cake was also a hit, yay!

Day 20: Can it be the weekend already?! And when are we getting a Half Term holiday from all this home schooling?!

Day 21: Boy, is it getting hot out there! Kinda glad we are are at home and not having to undergo “melting-makeup” face after stepping out for 5 seconds.

Day 22: We went for a long drive today with the kids after absolutely ages! It was so strange seeing everyone in masks, but a relief to see Dubai outside of our windows again.

Day 23: Packed the Eid gifts during Sehri time, because it’s the only time I dont’t have the boys hanging off my limbs!

Day 24: Week 9 of Distance Learning has commenced! The Eid long weekend holidays couldn’t come any sooner!

Day 25: Planning on what sweet treats to make for Eid. I am thinking possibily Lamingtons and my mum’s Date Biscuits. Also, need to get the boys making some home made Eid decor!

Day 26: Tried making salt dough ornaments with the kiddos for the first time ever. And it was a huge hit! Yay! We used the moon and star cutters from With A Spin, and they look beautiful! Can’t wait to paint and decorate them.

Day 27: Did a little tester on my fingers for Jagua Henna that I was kindly sent, as I haven’t tried it before. The stain in insanely black and I am totally loving it! Can’t wait to apply henna on Friday!

Day 28: Spent today morning baking Eid goodies! Made Lamingtons and Date Biscuits. They turned out delicious too! Yay! Also, Mr Z gave Little Z a much needed haircut and he looks more like a boy now, phew!

Day 29: Main tasks for today are: Deep clean our home and apply Henna. Preferably in that order. Also, received news of a Pakistani aeroplane crashing a minute before it was due to land. May Allah grant Jannah to those that passed away and grant patience to their family members In sha Allah.

Day 30: Today was a pretty chilled out day as most of the tasks were completed yesterday. So instead Master Z and I cleared out his toy cupboard. Also, have pep talked both the boys on how tomorrow is going to go down, how they will have to wake up early for Eid Namaz (preferrably with a huge smile on their faces) and not to nag for their Eid gifts until after Eid breakfast is had. Let’s see how it goes!

Eid Day: Eid Mubarak to you and your family. This one is a strange but cosy one, as we spend it at home and enjoy Eid in Quarantine 2020. We will still be celebrating with eating far too much food and dressing up, and of course breaking up any fights between the boys over their Eid gifts…because there’s no nasty virus that can take away the special spirit of Eid! May you and your family have a truly blessed one, and In sha Allah may we be granted to live to observe another Ramadan next year.

How was your Ramadan? I would love to know, so feel free to drop a line in the comment’s section below. Also, if you missed it, read My Ramadan Diaries from previous years here: 2019, 2018 , 2017 , 2016 , 2015 .

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