My Ramadan Diaries 2019…

Ramadan Diaries: 2019 Edition

Ramadan Eve: Ramadan Mubarak! The decor is up, the twinkling lights are on and I have handed Master Z his Ramadan Journal, in which he has already started colouring. As excited as I am for him and for Ramadan, I am incredibly nervous about fasting after not doing so for a couple of years due to pregnancy and breasfeeding. May Allah give me the strength I need tomorrow!

Day 1: ok, so it wasn’t actually as bad as I had thought it might be. Alhumdulillah the first roza was pretty good, despite getting “hangry” a couple of times and taking a nap in the afternoon to save myself some energy. It can only get easier as my body begins to cope right?

Day 2: um. So my last statement from yesterday was totally false. Turns out it gets worse before it gets easier. Today was a CHALLENGE.

Day 3: Alhumdulillah, getting into the groove of fasting now. On the down side, Little Z was wide awake for Suhoor time so joined in with eating some scrambled egg followed by bashing some pots and pans whilst I washed up. Let’s hope this doesn’t become a daily occurrence.

Day 4: Today we enjoyed our first Iftar out, and we were kindly invited by Nandos to try out their Iftar platters. Also, the kids had a little run around in the park just before and watching Little Z squirm at having to touch the grass when he fell on it to stand up again was the funniest thing ever.

Day 5: The first Jummah of Ramadan. Alhumdulillah. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as I could have ever imagine. Today morning, my Nana (maternal grandfather) passed away. Words can not express the heart break we are feeling as a family. May Allah grant him the highest place in Jannah. Ameen.

Day 6: Grocery shopping whilst fasting is the hardest thing ever!!! Give me ALLLL the cake!

Day 7: Master Z turns 5 today, Alhumdulillah. We had a little celebration at home, with cake and gifts to celebrate. He was pretty chuffed to receive the Speedboat toy he had asked for a few months ago (and then every day since!!) amongst other vehicle related toys.

Day 8: It has been a testing day today to say the least. I’m not sure if Little Z is teething but his clingy-ness is driving me insane for sure!

Day 9: Despite Little Z’s relentless screaming, Master Z on the other hand is being quite an angel. Also, my new favourite thing to do is read him a story from the Migo & Ali book each day before Iftar.

Day 10: Today’s Iftar is courtesy of TresInd, and my oh my, it was an Iftar that just kept giving. One surprise after another, no wonder this place is one of our all time favourites when it comes to Indian cuisine. Their creativity knows no bounds.

Day 11: An Iftar with a bunch of blogger friends and their family at Pizza Express today. It was lovely to catch up and be able to enjoy each other’s company. Alhumdulillah for this journey of blogging leading me to friends like them.

Day 12: Today we visited Kidzania just before Iftar. Master Z had such a fun time trying out all sorts of careers and role play activities.

Day 13: So it looks like I’ve kind of dehydrated myself, so its bed rest for me today as Mr Z takes over all the duties. That guy is pure gold.

Day 14: Sunday. Back to the weekly grind and school routine.

Day 15: And just like that, half of Ramadan has already escaped us. Howwww?

Day 16: So Master Z will be taking part in his school concert, and he has told me that they’ve been practicing to the song “Let it Go!” (Yes, the one from Frozen of course). After the Sports Day fiasco, I really have no idea how this is going to go, but I will be cheering him on nonetheless.

Day 17: It was lovely to drop off some food items for charity at Master Z’s school for their Ramadan initiative, and made Master Z feel proud that he was helping out too.

Day 18: Spent a lovely Iftar checking out a new place at City Walk called The Victorian. It had all the period-drama vibes, so I was very much in my happy place. On the down side, we found out Level Kids has shut down. Master Z wasn’t happy to say the least!

Day 19: Grocery shopping bills sure rack up in the doubles during Ramadan. Oops! Finally got my hand on some Quinoa to cook at home though! Yay!

Day 20: The hunger is REAL when you are feeding your child his dinner right before Iftar. Especially when it’s a delicious plate of Ravioli that you’ve been waiting all day to devour!

Day 21: Mr Z has left for a week long work trip to Switzerland today morning. So that mean’s solo-parenting the boys for the next 7 days in Ramadan. May Allah make it easy for me!

Day 22: I’ve been struggling to read the Quran this month, so today I am hoping to renew my intentions and give it my all, however big or small that may be, for the last Ashra of Ramadan this year.

Day 23: Dubai Summer just cranked up a notch this week. The heat during school runs is going to kill me. … And to imagine that hell fire will be even unimaginably hotter… Ya Allah, protect us from the fires of hell and grant your Ummah the fruits of Jannah.

Day 24: Eid Gifts are packed, hooray! Also, trying to finish off any blog related work so that I can enjoy the Eid holidays with the family without any worries.

Day 25: My baby brother, Mr A, arrived today morning to spend the next three months of summer with us, and we are beyond excited! We enjoyed Iftari at the mall in the food court after our weekly grocery shop, whilst Mr A filled us in on all the untold family affairs that have been going on back in the UK. The kids are besotted with him already.

Day 26: A chilled out kinda Last Jummah of Ramadan, where the boys went for Jummah, we video called my parents back home in the UK, as well as my Nani (maternal grandmother) and then carried on the tradition of attending the Isha and Taraweeh congregational prayer at the local Masjid on the 27th Night. The blessed night of Laylatul Qadr is when good deeds that are done on this night are equivalent to doing them for a 1000 nights. Though Laylatul Qadr resides in one of the odd nights of the last 10 days, it is speculated to most likely fall on the 27th day of Ramadan, which begins after Maghrib prayers (sunset) tonight.
Little Z cried through Isha but Master Z was such an awesome big brother, wiping away his tears and trying to comfort him. After that, I missed the first half of Taraweeh as I put Little Z to sleep but resumed prayer once he did eventually fell asleep. As long as I am mother, I will always find offering prayer a challenge whilst my boys are distressed, but I pray that Allah forgives my lack of concentration.

Day 27: Mr Z has FINALLY arrived from his work trip to Switzerland! Hooray! And he comes bearing gifts… namely Laderach Chocolate! Though it pains me to have to wait till Iftari to devour the entire bar in one sitting.

Day 28: Tried out my mother’s Khajoor Biscuit recipe after she sent a photo of herself making them. Man, do I miss all the Eid Day biscuits. Not so much making them, but eating them! Ha!

Day 29: Running around like a headless chicken, trying to prepare everything for Eid tomorrow, if the moon is sighted tonight. There’s mhendi to be put, clothes to be ironed, food to be prepared and so much more! Also, made some gulab jamun like the way my mum does for Eid day feasting, and I can’t wait to tuck into it!

Day 30: Eid Mubarak! Blessed to have experienced yet another Ramadan Alhumdulillah, and the first time fasting as a mother of two. I pray we all live to experience another blessed Ramadan. I hope you and your families have a lovely Eid celebration, filled with happiness, love and laughter!

mummyonmymind alhumdulillah may

How was your Ramadan? I would love to know, so feel free to drop a line in the comment’s section below. Also, if you missed it, read My Ramadan Diaries from previous years here: 2018 , 2017 , 2016 , 2015 .

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