mummyonmymind 4th blogiversary

My 4th Blogiversary…

Today Mummy On My Mind turns FOUR years old, and I am so happy to be able to celebrate this milestone. With the birth of Little Z in the past year, my content sure slowed down (as was expected), but what I did create and put out on my channels, I am very happy with. I let go of the pressure on my self to be churning out 2-3 blog posts per week, and rather concentrated on creating content that made me feel happy and served some kind of purpose.

In the past year, I have shared more of my personal journey, including the Birth Story of Little Z , writing an open letter to my firstborn on his 4th Birthday and sharing my thoughts as a nervous but excited mother at the prospect of him joining big school. I also finally wrote a little about life an an expat in UAE to celebrate it’s National Day.

I have loved sharing my reviews with you, whether it be beauty related Palmer’s products, baby products such as ClevaMama Cushion. I gave you my Top Ten Pregnancy Essentials review as well as my Top Ten Newborn Essentials too, writing from my own experience as a mother of two.

One thing that has been a constant on this blog has been my monthly “Things I said Alhumdulillah for…” series. These posts are windows into my life at that point of time, and something I have no doubt I will love reading back on in the future. My Youtube channel fell lower on my priority list, but I sure hope to be creating some more videos soon. (It’s the editing that kills me, but please do subscribe to give me a helping hand!) I’ve loved sharing almost daily on my Instastories, photos on Instagram (@mummyonmymind) and documenting #flatlaylittlez for the past 12 months!

mummyonmymind 4th blogiversary

One of the biggest things to happen in the past year was the launch of MummyOnMyMindStore. It does need some extra loving and advertising on my part, so that is one area I wish to channel my energy into this year. If you need a custom doodle portrait, of yourself, loved ones or as a gift for friends or family, who you gonna call? *MummyOnMyMindStore* of course! They are bespoke hand painted watercolour prints, made with love and attention to detail.

Master Z and I have continued creating masterpieces using supplies from our favourite online crafts shop- Pretty Paper Studio, as well as collaborating to create some amazing Ramadan Printables, and I look forward to supporting this local business further this year. Similarly, I have enjoyed sharing insights into other local women-led businesses through Local Flair too, as well as collaborating with some amazing brands, both big and small.

So what can you expect in my fifth year of Blogging? A continous stream of content that excites me to create and is equally helpful or entertaining (or both!) to you. I will take you along with me as I continue to find my way through the maze of life as an expat Muslimah in Dubai and mother to two boys.

Thank you to all those that have stuck around all this time, and a huge welcome to the new readers. I hope I can continue to share with you bits and bobs from my life, creating content for you as well as for me to cherish / chuckle back on in years to come. In exchange, I ask that you continue to support my digital world by showering it with likes, comments, shares and follows. Each single one of these actions means SO much to me- so again, Thank YOU.

Read back through my First , SecondĀ and Third Blogiversary Posts here.

P.S. Feel free to drop me a line about what you love/hate seeing on the blog, and what you would like to see more of! All your feedback is highly appreciated!

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