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Free Ramadan Printables 2021…

I am so happy to share some new Ramadan Printables which I have created. The last ones I created were back in 2018, and this time I have incorporated my own little doodle designs in the new printables. I hope you love them as much as I loved creating them for you and do share your photos with me and tag me @mummyonmymind if you use any of these!

Here’s a snapshot of all the printables in this post that you can download:

  1. Ramadan / Eid Mubarak Banner
  2. How to Perform Wudhu
  3. Namaz / Prayer Time Wheel Craft for kids
  4. Ramadan Planning: Ramadan Goals
  5. Ramadan Planning: Ramadan Duas
  6. Ramadan Planning: Eid ul Fitr Notes
  7. Ramadan Weekly Meal Planner (4 weeks)

You can download each of these individually below or download the entire 20 page Ramadan Printable Pack 2021 right at the end of this blogpost.

Ramadan / Eid Mubarak Banner

Ramadan Mubarak banner Ramadan Printable mummyonmymind

Who doesn’t need a Ramadan banner to beautify their homes with during the special month. Get the kids involved with cutting out the bunting and joining them all together with some thread to hang on the wall. I have even added the letter for EID so you can switch it out to read Eid Mubarak once Ramadan comes to an end.

Download the Ramadan/Eid Banner below.

How to Perform Wudhu

Wudhu Ramadan Printable mummyonmymind

As my older one is learning to pray namaz, I thought a cute infographic showing just how we perform wudhu would be a great way to encourage his learning. You can stick this up for somewhere that your child can see and practice the steps together. Please do not stick it within the bathroom as it includes the word Bismillah.

Download the How to Perfrom Wudhu Printable below.

Namaz / Prayer Time Wheel Craft for kids

Ramadan Printable mummyonmymind namaz time wheel

A Muslim’s life is structured around the five daily prayers and their timings. This DIY craft allows your child to identify which prayer is prayed during which time of the day. Let your kids colour in the sky accordingly as well as a mini figure of themselves praying. The printable includes both a Muslim boy and girl, depending on the gender of your child.

Download the Namaz Time Wheel craft below.

Ramadan Planning:

Ramadan Planning Ramadan Printable mummyonmymind

Ramadan Goals

Get a clear idea of what you wish to get out of this blessed month by creating different goals for yourself. Make sure that they are achievable so that it is able to give you a sense of accomplishment when you do reach your goals.

Ramadan Duas

I find having a list of my duas, specific ones for specific people as well as myself, very helpful. My own baby brain can’t manage to retain all the information when I need it most, so this is a very helpful list to have at hand.

Eid ul Fitr Notes

As Eid begins to edge closer, as a parent I have a mile long list of things I must remember to do and this list will help me keep all those scattered thoughts in one place.

Download all three Ramadan Planning lists below.

Ramadan Weekly Meal Planner (4 weeks)

ramadan weekly meal planner Ramadan Printable mummyonmymind

“What should I cook for Iftar tonight?” is one of those questions that haunts me, but with a meal planner like this, I can be organised with both knowing what to cook as well as what ingredients I need on my shopping list, because we all know we fill our shopping trolleys to the brim with all sorts when hungry. Hopefully, this weekly meal planner for Ramadan will be a great help for you too!

Download the Ramadan Weekly Meal Planner below.

FULL 20 Page Ramadan Printable Pack 2021

Ramadan Printable mummyonmymind

If you think absolutely everything I have mentioned above will be of great use to you In sha Allah, then you can download the entire pack!

Download the 20 page Free Ramadan Printable Pack below.

JazakAllah for your support and please do share photos of the printables if you decide to use them, I would absolutely love to see!

You can tag me with the social media accounts below, as well as accompany me as I doodle and paint my way through my journey as a Muslimah British Indian expat mother to two boys residing in Dubai, trying her very best to make Ramadan a little extra special each year In sha Allah.

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May we all have a blessed Ramadan In sha Allah and reap the bountiful benefits. Ameen.

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