Day Trip to Abu Dhabi…

We set off bright and early on Saturday morning for a day trip to Abu Dhabi… Well as early as you can with a teething 9 month old that doesn’t want to get dressed.

View of Sheikh Zayed Mosque. (Photo taken by MOMM)

I took my pillow in preperation for a comfortable long drive and took in the dessert landscape with its half built construction sites. Our destination was the Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque. We reached just in time for the mid-day Zuhr prayers and I took pleasure in listening to the peaceful verses of the Azaan (Call to prayer) along with my family and Baby Z.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque Interior Chandelier. (Photo taken by MOMM)

The architecture is amazing and although I have been here before, I found myself once again taking pictures as if I was a tourist that was mesmerised by the grandness for the first time.

Shots of Sheikh Zayed Mosque- Interior Architecture. (Photo taken by MOMM)

After offering our prayers, we headed off to Ikea for a spot of “window-shopping” and had a massive feast at the Ikea Food Court, which never fails to disappoint the taste buds (Especially the Shawarma plate)! Their special for the day was Barbecue Chicken with Rice and boy was it to die for!!

Baby Z and I visited their baby changing rooms before heading out and I must say its one of the most captivating changing rooms Baby Z has been to thanks to the Baby mobiles hanging above!

Ikea Changing Room,  Abu Dhabi. (Photo taken by MOMM)

It was such a lovely day, and even more so as Baby Z slept in the car to recharge his batteries. We arrived back in Sharjah and to end the day, we nipped over to the local Pizza Hut branch with some friends to have yet another yummy feast!

Pizza Hut, Sharjah. (Photo taken by MOMM)

All in all, it was quite a splendid day filled with magnificent architecture and delicious food!

Have you been to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi? What did you think of it? I would love to hear your comments so why not comment below?

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