Crescina and Fillerina launch event…

On Monday morning, TishTash very kindly invited me to the launch event of Crescina and Fillerina beauty products at the Ritz Carlton in JBR. Below are a few snapshots from the lovely brunch event. 

Ritz Carlton, JBR

La Baie Lounge, Ritz Carlton JBR


Crescina: A Hair Regrowth Treatment that comes in the form of a liquid inside glass vials that should be massaged into the scalp. The user must alternate between the white and yellow vials for 5 days, followed by a break of 2 days. Each box contains 10 vials for 2 weeks’ treatment, and for best results, it is recommended to be used for 2 months.

Fillerina: A dermo cosmetic lip filler and plumping treatment. I was glad to see that when the cap was removed, it was not in fact an injection as I had suspected, but a simple roller ball that you apply as you would normally apply a lipstick. For best results, it is recommended to use this 5 times a day on dry clean lips.


Baby Z seemed to enjoy himself at brunch, mainly playing with the stones and trying to jump into the water. It was lovely to see the Christmas decorations up in the Ritz Carlton reception area too. How lovely does that tree look?


Thank you to TishTash for the invite, and for Crescina and Fillerina for the lovely event and goodie bag. I look forward to trying out the Crescina products.

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Preview of my story on Snapchat from the launch event:


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