master z birthday letter

A Letter to Master Z on his Sixth Birthday…

Dear Master Z,

Today you are SIX! How did that even happen? As much as an amazing of a year you have had, this birthday is a little different from the rest. We are celebrating you in the midst of a lockdown due to the Covid-19 virus having spread to all corners of the globe. So Happy Quarantine Birthday, my little boy. We will celebrate you nonetheless.

master z birthday letter

You have surely had plenty of fun this last year, spending your summer with your Uncle A, diving into the swimming pool with him as I took slo-mo videos of you, learning how to make Sushi with him at a kid’s class in Dubai Mall, and going to even more amazing places that Dubai has to offer.

In this last year of being five, you have gone through even more changes, moving to Al Mamzar in Dubai and starting a new school as an FS2 student. You loved spending time with your Nani & Nana (grandparents) too after the arrival of your second cousin, Baby Azu, who you completely adore. (I didn’t doubt for a second that you wouldn’t).

master z birthday letter

You have continued to be the best and most patient big brother to Little Z, even though he has been testing your patience more than ever! But seeing you two bond, laugh and tackle each other to the ground fills me with so much joy.

You travelled to the UK during winter, enjoying all the sightseeing that London had to offer, spending quality time with the family and being re-introduced to each and every member (there’s quite a few!), inspecting earthworms that Nani brought for you from the garden.

Nana taught you how to ride a bike, and you perfected it with your dad once we returned back to Dubai and got you a new bike. You absolutely love it and I am so proud you have learnt this life skill! This year you also learnt to read, and can not read long sentences all on your own! That was quite amazing for me to see.

master z birthday letter

Your curiosity has shot up leaps and bounds, and you are constantly firing away questions, some of which even stump me! You love to ice skate, craft almost every day, draw and colour so beautifully, and you absolutely love to cook and bake! We list three things every night that we are thankful for and say Alhumdulillah for, and twice this week you listed ME as one of those things. I swear my heart burst into a million pieces. You love dogs and insist on getting one as a pet (spoiler alert: it’s never happening!) and your current obsessions include Dubai Police cars, Power Rangers (they overtook Grizzy Bear and Peppa Pig quite recently) and during this quarantine, you have enjoyed watching Friends on Netflix with your Papa followed by an exercise session with the Body Coach on Youtube!

I could go on and on about all the things you have learnt this past year and the boy you are growing into, just know that we are so proud of you and you are truly the coolness of our eyes. Papa and I have got you a remote controlled Dubai Police car amongst a few other bits and bobs for your gift and I am going to attempt to bake your birthday cake at home, with Dubai Police Car cake toppers that I drew of course. I hope you love it!

Happy 6th Birthday Master Z! May Allah bless you with all the happiness and love you deserve. You make us the proudest parents and we love you to infinity and beyond, now and always.

Lots of love, hugs, kisses and cuddles,

Mummy & Papa

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master z birthday letter

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