happy 4th birthday letter mummyonmymind

A Letter to Master Z on his Fourth Birthday…

My dearest little cub,

Today you are Four. FOUR years old. How did you get so big? This year your endearing nature has flourished tenfold with the arrival of your baby brother, Little Z. You kiss him ten times a day, at least! You are already the sweetest big brother we could ask for and have welcomed him with open arms into your life. You make us so proud.

You are Four.

You speak English very well and have learnt many new words but we, your Daddy especially, are very proud of your Gujrati. There are still some words which you pronounce funny and it cracks us up every time – like when you say “Fleather” (Feather). Your daddy and I still spell things out to each other but we may have to start speaking in morse code soon when you start school later this year!

You are Four.

You are completely potty trained (thank god those days are behind us) and love eating Pani Puri. Your dimples are still my favourite feature about you and most probably will be forever. You have a love of clothes just like your Dad, wanting to style yourself and twin with your Dad too. You are currently learning to swim, and though there were tears at the start, you are doing so well now. In fact, you are giving us tips on how learn as well as you show off your skills to us, floating in the water with both your hands raised.

You are Four.

You recite Surah Al Ikhlas and Surah Al Nas, amongst a few other short duas, all by yourself. We also have a habit of naming three things that you are thankful for before we sleep every night, and the things you come out with are incredible and humbling, as you recite Alhumdulillah after each one.

You are Four.

You are looking forward to starting school in September and can recognise most numbers and a handful of letters. You still think I am going to accompany you at school, so let’s see how those first days go when you realise you will have to be doing this all by yourself. (I will most likely be in more tears than you about this!) You have an irrational fear of dressed up characters in costumes, no matter who it is, even if they happen to be your favourites. You are currently obsessed with watching Paw Patrol in Arabic as well as acting like all the Avengers Super Heroes.

You are Four.

You are so thoughtful and loving, this is your shining trait. You are shy and take time to come out of your shell around new people, though that’s not the case with other children. You have a very sharp memory and great sense of direction, especially when it comes to knowing the roads in and around Dubai (something I vey much lack in). You love to recount your experiences, many of which happened such a long time ago that even I don’t remember any of it.

You are Four.

You whine and have your tantrums like most toddlers. You drive me insane some days and love to do the exact opposite of what I tell you on some occassions, but I have to understand that you are beginning to become independent now and need to learn from making your own choices. You love to “cook” by pretending to make me my favourite dishes, as well as solving puzzles. You visited England once again this year and really enjoyed bonding with your grand parents and uncle, as well as discovering the Ice Cream Van! You grew out of so many clothes in the span of a few weeks, after going through some crazy growth spurts.

You are Four and you are Loved. A very Happy Birthday to you Master Z. Mummy and Papa love you to the moon and beyond. We wish you many more years of happiness, bliss, success and good health In sha Allah. May Allah bless you always, my darling boy.

Lots and lots of hugs, kisses and squeezes,

Mummy & Papa

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happy 4th birthday letter mummyonmymind

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