A Letter to Master Z on his Fifth Birthday…

Dear Master Z,

Where do I begin to tell you how proud you make me and Papa? Today you are five years old. Five years of watching you grow, laugh, cry, adjust, learn, experiment and discover.

In the last year, you experienced one of your biggest changes by starting school for the very first time, as you enrolled into FS1. There were tears at first, from both you and me, but as the weeks passed by, I saw you mature and grow, make friends and come to adore your teacher. You are still a rather shy little boy, not at all confident to stand up in front of a crowd on your own in front of strangers. However, your generosity, good manners and willingness to help your class mates come as second nature to you, and surely those are more important qualities to have.

Your empathy is still your brightest shining quality about you, which I absolutely adore. You feel for others as you feel for yourself. This translates to loving your brother so very very much, showering him with kisses even when he pushes you away from him, or laughing hysterically when he tries to bite your nose or hug you.

You know all your alphabets and can write them as well numbers from 1-20, whilst being able to say the numbers till 100. You have begun to learn to read too, putting the phonics together of three letter words. This Ramadan we have also started to learn the Arabic alphabets and so far you are really enjoying it. You say Alhumdulillah when you sneeze or burp, without having to prompt you anymore.

You have finally overcome your fear of humans dressed up in character costumes. (Thank God, although your little brother seems to have taken up that irrational fear now. What is up with THAT?!) You love all the Avengers superheroes, but are also currently obsessed with Shimmer & Shine, a show about two genies that go on crazy adventures and grant wishes whilst flying on their magic carpet and solving any problems caused by the evil witch: Zeda. In fact, you love it so much that you’ve asked for that to be your birthday theme, so those are the props I will decorate the home with to surprise you today whilst Daddy and I gift you the Hotwheels car toys that you asked for.

This year you visited Georgia and loved playing in the snow, as well as travelling on the Venicular. You absolutely love to colour, with so much thought and concentration, and you love to draw too. You are a bit of a perfectionist though (taken after me in that trait!)

You are brave. You are kind. You are loving. You are adventurous. You are shy. You are contemplative. You are happy. You are cheeky. You are the sweetest little thing, and the apple of my eye.

Happy 5th Birthday Master Z! May this year bring lots more adventure and lots more happiness. You make us the proudest parents and we love you to infinity and beyond, now and always.

Lots of love, hugs, kisses and cuddles,

Mummy & Papa

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