little z happy birthday letter

A Letter to Little Z on his Third Birthday…

Today you are THREE years old, and what a cheeky little joyful talkative boy you have become. This past year has been challenging like no other, what with Covid-19 looming over us, lockdowns, social distancing and so on. We had full intentions for you to have your first trip to India by now, but that will have to wait a little longer till travel is a safer concept. You’ve also become rather shy when seeing anyone outside of your immediate family, because we have spent so much time in the comfort of our home rather than out and about meeting people.

little z happy birthday letter

Having said that, the pandemic has brought about many blessings in disguise too, like you having us around all the time, especially your older brother as he does his distance learning on the dining table, playing with you during his numerous break times. You and your brother are quite the team, play fighting during all hours of the day even with you forcefully trying to kiss your brother’s cheeks as he frantically tries to escape your grip, but watching you two play together makes my heart truly swell with pride.

You love to talk, to questions, to ask meanings of words, to observe and identify, and it baffles me whenever you churn out new vocabulary you haven’t used before or longer sentences. It’s even cuter because you’re “r”s are currently prounounced “l”s, and some of the words we find hilarious listening come out of your mouth include “metlol” (metro), “sulplise” (surprise), “gusting” (disgusting), “onda” (on the), “yesh” (yes). You also love to say “Masha Allah” (holding your hands up to the sky) when you love something, and it’s just the cutest. You’ve even learnt a few surahs and duas just by listening and repeating your older brother as he says them.

little z happy birthday letter

You have finally been potty trained during the day too, hooray! We had to settle into our new home in Dubai before I could attempt potty training, which meant you were slightly older than when I potty trained Master Z, but you did great and we have that under our belt now. Phew.

You can identify most colours, you’re favourite number seems to be 8 because whenever I ask a number related question, that is your answer always. We have also already made an application for your admission into FS1 this coming September, and I still can’t believe this time next year you’ll have already completed a term in school In sha Allah! I am of course anxious about how it will be for you, especially when you downright refuse to go to school whenever the subject is broached by myself or your Daddy…. but for now, I will concentrate on having you all to myself for the next few months.

little z happy birthday letter

You love your naps, and to be honest I do too, because it gives me a couple of hours of peace! 😛 I am also soaking up having you in my arms as I put you down for your naps, knowing how you will grow out of it in the blink of an eye. You are a serial snacker for sure, but not as keen on fruits and vegetables as your brother is…so even though you have a good appetite, I fret about whether you are getting all the needed nutrients. Here’s hoping you still turn out ok, even if you turn up your nose to a banana! haha!

I would definitely say you have a cheekier and naughtier personality at the moment compared to your older brother (even you can’t possibly deny it) but it’s very hard for me to stay mad at you for long, especially as you flash your dimple smile at me or give me slimy kisses.

little z happy birthday letter

You are currently obsessed with watching “Grizzy and the Lemmings” on Netflix, so that’s what you’re cake theme will be this year. You also love all things dinosaur and power rangers!

You have picked up skills at a much faster rate, having your brother to learn from. You are constantly making myself and Daddy laugh with your antics, and you are also going through a phase of finding all things poo related very funny. I am praying this is indeed a phase, and that it will fade soon! Regardless, thank you for shining bright always, and bringing us all so much joy by just being you.

Happy Third Birthday, our lovable baby boy. Mummy and Papa love you to infinity and beyond.

How did you feel when your baby turned THREE? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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little z happy birthday letter

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