mummyonmymind birthday letter little z

A Letter to Little Z on his Second Birthday…

You are TWO today, Little Z! And what a second year of life it has been! You are definitely my Wild Child, and your fearless personality has truly shone through over the past year. You have filled our lives with uncontrollable laughter as well as shortened our life spans with your crazy antics!

mummyonmymind birthday letter little z

This past year, you have got all your teeth and with it your insatiable appetite for food has grown, never to be seen without a snack in your hand and mouth wide open for a morself of food. You have learnt to walk and run on your little two feet, screaming with delight as your big brother chases you.

In your first year, I saw so many similarities between you and your brother, Master Z, but this year I feel you two could not be more polar opposites of each other.

mummyonmymind birthday letter little z

You have learnt to babble single words as well as cute words like NooNa (meaning the police, immitating the siten NeeNaw). You are quite the routine baby, needing your nap and food at specific times, regardless where you are. You love snoozing in the car, stealing all your brother’s toys, posing for the camera with your thumb and index finger sticking out, shouting “Hi Guys!” just like Mummy as soon as she starts recording, and overall being a little mischief maker!

You love to swim, get far too excited about cats, and want to copy everything Master Z does, regardless if you can do it or not. You are not shy, and get along really well once you have made an aquaintance. You love to paint and your favourite TV show is Grizzy & the Lemmings on Netflix, as well as being an avid Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig fan.

You have been weaned of breast milk but now you are obsessed with drinking chocolate flavoured milk and love an ice-cream cone on it’s own. You love to “crash” your toy cars, playing Hide & Seek and counting numbers in whichever order you fancy… 9 and 10 being your favourite numbers that you count repeatedly in between pretending to drive a car by putting out your hands as if to hold a steering wheel.

mummyonmymind birthday letter little z

I thank Allah each day for blessing us with you, your fearless character, your soppy half-kisses and your dimple smiles. 😘 May Allah bless you with a long, happy, healthy life filled with love and success in both this life and the hereafter.

Happy Second Birthday, our darling baby boy. Mummy and Papa love you tremendously, to infinity and beyond.

How did you feel when your baby turned TWO? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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