The Third Trimester…

The start of third trimester meant preparations, preparations and preparations! This included shopping for baby things (my husband went overboard and bought 2 baby leather jackets for ages 1 and 2!!!), getting the hospital bag ready, the baby cot from Ikea constructed in our room and reading up on lots and lots of labour stories. Oh and also watching endless episodes of “One Born Every Minute”!!

Prior to the shopping spree we also found out the gender of our baby (IT’S A BOY! Woohoo) to make it a whole lot easier to buy clothes. However, we only told the gender of our baby to our parents, siblings and our best friends. We let the others guess away depending on how low/high/circular/flat they saw my belly.

Things were starting to get harder. A lot harder. I could not see my feet when I was standing up. I also started to get aches and pains, especially in my back, but I did not experience any Braxton Hicks. I was almost hoping for some, so that I could at least get an idea of how labour would be really like, but I suppose I wouldn’t have enjoyed false alarms when I just wanted the baby out by that point! Thankfully, I had a loving caring husband who would massage my back and tummy ever so gently every night to ease my pain.

With summer fast approaching in Dubai, and the temperature starting to rise at an alarming rate, every day on my way back from work, I would notice my feet swell up in the heat. They would normally cool down to normal size once I got home and into the AC environment. However, in the last month of pregnancy I started to notice that they stayed swollen for longer, until eventually I simply had Elephant Feet (and this became my new charming nickname too). No matter how high I raised up those boulders, my feet remained a humongous size. Thankfully, they went back to normal a few days after I had given birth and I am now able to walk in my old heels in all their glory. *Phew*

Apart from taking the shape of a whale, I was still shuffling my way around at work and did so right up until 2 days before my due date, which was 11th May 2013. Although I had planned to take maternity leave from 1st of May, my doctor recommended me to stay mobile at work to help with an easy delivery and to avoid getting lazy at home. So I walked and walked. Through the corridors, up the stairs, down the stairs and however much I could. I simply had to get this baby out now!

Find out about my labour and the birth of my precious baby boy in the next post!

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