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ramadan 2020 diaries

My Ramadan Diaries 2020…

Ramadan Eve: Ramadan Mubarak! The decorations are up, ramadan wishes given over the phone to family members abroad and alarms clocks set for Sehri time! Yet due to the Covid 19 pandemic, in many ways this Ramadan will be different, bringing its own unique set of challenges as well as blessings in disguise with it. One blessing is for Mr…

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Local Flair Issue 31: Rock Paper Project

It’s been a minute, but Local Flair is back! Today I would like to give the stage away to Indrajala, founder of Rock Paper Project. The project enables your inner artist to blossom, as you are sent everything you need to create an acrylic paints masterpiece. Carry on reading to know more about the business and how it came about.…

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burj khalifa painting mummyonmymind

UAE | A promise.

As UAE celebrates it’s 47th National Day today, I can’t help but reflect on my relationship with this country over the past few years. A country that made me many promises, and now one that I have promised myself to.  Dear UAE, I visited you in my early years, packed in a car of family members and being the quintessential…

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my discovery lab rock it science mummyonmymind

My Discovery Lab – Review…

Over the past couple of days, Master Z has been running home back from school full of excitement for one thing, and one thing only. Slime. I still remember having a huge box of chemicals, test tubes, petri dishes and such to create tiny experiments up in my attic when I was a teen. So when I was approached by…

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familypass mummyonmymind

Introducing FamilyPass UAE (Discount Code Included)

Imagine being able to access some of UAE’s BEST family friendly attractions (Theme parks, water parks and more) with a few other perks added in, and you can visit these places how many ever times you like, whenever you like during opening times, whilst paying only a small fee in comparison to a normal one-entry ticket? With FamilyPass, you can!

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