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Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Hair Care – Review

Let’s talk hair care. As a Hijabi, I often neglect my lovely locks, but I have come to slowly show them more love and attention since the past year, learning that they need even more care than ever before. Today I want to share with you my experiences regarding two Palmer’s hair care products I have already used before. One of them I loved, and the other I wasn’t too keen on. Has trying them again changed my mind about these products? Both products are hair conditioners. Both products are also free of Sulphates, Parabens, Pthlates, Mineral Oil, Glute and Dyes. Read on to find out more…

Olive Oil Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

palmers olive oil mummyonmymind

The Olive Oil Deep Conditioning Hair Mask is essentially a quick fix. It is a deep repairing treatment with the power of antioxidant rich Extra Virgin Olive Oil that gives the hair a shiny finish, whilst keeping the hair and scalp moisturised and frizz free. This treatment is fortified with exclusive Botanical Scalp Complex blend to provide essential vitamins and minerals to dry, damaged hair, penetrate deep to restore moisture and shine and strengthen weak brittle hair, helping it grow longer and minimizing breakage while leaving hair silky and healthy.

The last time I used this product, I absolutely loved it, and this did not change at all the next time round. In fact, I have used it a handful of times now, and every single time I have loved the outcome. The sachet itself comes with A LOT of product, a thick creamy white consistency (that smells divine too by the way!) and it can easily last you 1-3 uses, depending on the length of your hair.

Although the directions ask for this conditioner to be used after shampooing your hair by leaving it in for 2-3 minutes before rinsing it off, I apply it generously in my hair before I taking a shower, leaving it on for about 20-25 minutes, if not more. You can leave it on throughout the night for a more intensive treatment too.

Once I wash away the product in the shower, my locks are lusciously smooth, soft and oh so swish-able. Not only is detangling my wet hair after using this product an absolute charm, I love that it feels as if my hair has life breathed back into it, leaving it looking moisturised, shiny and silky. I would highly recommend this product if you are suffering from dry damaged hair. You won’t regret it!

Tip: Use a scalp massager tool to really work the product into your roots. This will gently help with blood circulation to promote new hair growth as well as feeling incredibly relaxing.

olive oil palmers mummyonmymind

The Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Leave in Conditioner

palmers olive oil mummyonmymind

The Palmer’s Olive Oil Leave in Conditioner comes as an instant spray-on product to be used on damp hair once you are out of the shower, having washed your hair with the Olive Oil Smoothing Shampoo. Due to it being a spray on product, the conditioner also doubles up as a detangler and as a heat protectant spray.

This conditioner nourishes and repairs dry frizzy hair, as it is enriched with an intensive blend of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Keratin and Silk proteins. This lightweight spray helps control frizz and adds shine. It can be used on a daily basis, and the spray bottle contains a lot of product, giving you value for money.

My first impressions with this product the last time I tried it weren’t great. I didn’t feel it suited my lifestyle as a Hijabi. However, things have changed, and I have definitely grown a liking to this product. Although I don’t reach out for it daily, I have noticed that it leaves my hair much more frizz-free on the days I do use it. I love that the spray bottle is so easy to use, and over all it shows promising results. Perhaps with more consistent use, I will begin to see more differences.

palmers olive oil mummyonmymind

Palmer’s Products

Most of Palmer’s products are easily available at very reasonable prices at all big supermarkets and pharmacies. To find out more about what Palmer’s have on offer, simply head on over to their website. For regular updates, you can also find them on FacebookInstagramTwitter and Youtube.

Have you tried any Palmer’s products, and what are your thoughts or recommendations? What do you think of the two products mentioned above? Do you prefer leave in or wash out conditioners? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks!

Note: Being a Palmer’s Brand Ambassador, I received these products for review. However, all views and opinions are honest and solely my own.

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