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Local Flair Issue 28: Nats&Jun

Local Flair is back yet again, this time with a woman who wishes to #normalisebreastfeeding with her efforts and business idea. Natasha Bajaj is the founder of Nats & Jun, UAE’s first Designer Breastfeeding Fashion Label. Read on to know more about Natasha’s passion and drive to making breastfeeding mainstream as well as the benefits that her business offers. 

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ramadan diaries 2018 mummyonmymind

My Ramadan Diaries 2018…

Ramadan Diaries: 2018 Edition Ramadan Eve – Chand Mubarak! It’s Little Z’s first ever Ramadan and I feel so so so blessed Alhumdulillah. Can;t believe I was pregnant with the little guy during last Ramadan. Although I won’t be fasting this year, due to breastfeeding, I am still hoping to make up for it in terms of prayers and zikr.…

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A Letter to Master Z on his Fourth Birthday…

My dearest little cub, Today you are Four. FOUR years old. How did you get so big? This year your endearing nature has flourished tenfold with the arrival of your baby brother, Little Z. You kiss him ten times a day, at least! You are already the sweetest big brother we could ask for and have welcomed him with open…

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Ramadan Printables – Pretty Paper Studio…

Being a mother during Ramadan can be incredibly challenging. Having to entertain those energetic bunnies whith very little energy yourself, is no easy feat. At the same time, trying to instill the spirit of Ramadan in your children so they are just as excited about it as you are is also another hurdle that we parents face.

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Local Flair Issue 27: Hire4Baby

Local Flair is back, and this time I got an insight into Hire4Baby, a Baby and Toddler equipment rental company, through it’s founder Jossette Naiken. Hire4Baby offers a complete family travel solution for trips to Dubai and the UAE. from where you can rent premium baby & child equipment. Jossette was also kind enough to lend me the Hospital Grade…

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