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My Salah Mat – Review…

Master Z has been accompanying my husband for every Jummah Namaz in the Masjid since the age of about 2 and a half years old MashaAllah, and has quickly learnt to imitate us, whether he is praying alongside me at home or in the Masjid with his father.

However, as he turned 5 years old last year, I knew it was time to expand on his knowledge of Islam and we made the decision to teach him Islamic studies at home, to begin learning longer Surahs and Duas than those he already knew from imitating us, as well as learning how to read the Quran.

From the get go, I knew that the only way for him to feel the love and eagerness to learn about Islam would be if he enjoyed the process himself, meaning that it had to be interactive and fun, colourful and age appropriate. About less than a month ago we covered the topic of Salah as one of the 5 main pillars of Islam, and the timings of the 5 prayers we offered. And this is where My Salah Mat came to the rescue.

my Salah Mat mummyonmymind

What is My Salah Mat?

My Salah Mat is an educational touch-sensitive prayer mat that teaches children the following:
1. The different times of Salah
2. The different positions of Salah
3. What to say during those different positions
4. Where to place the hands, feet, knees and head

What makes My Salah Mat unique?

  1. Touch & Play: Push any of the 36 touch sensitive keys to reveal sound
  2. 11 Languages: Select from English, French, Arabic, Urdu, Malaysian, Turkish, Indonesian, Spanish, German, Russian and Bengali.
  3. Educational: Learn about Wudhu, Adhan, Surah, Dua, Salah Times and positions.
  4. It is foldable, lightweight, waterproof and made of fire resistant material.
my Salah Mat mummyonmymind

Additional Support: Activity Book

During our time allocated for Islamic Studies, Master Z eagerly lays out his My Salah Mat as we go through each of the components that make up the Salah. At any time that I feel stuck for words on how to explain something, the Manual Book and Activity Book that accompanies the mat answer any questions that Master Z or I have.

The Activity Book is particularly worth a mention, because it is so difficult to find Islamic books aimed at children with illustrations that capture their interest. The My Salah Mat Activity Book is filled with colourful pages, Duas and Short Surahs, easy to follow Step by Step visuals for Salah and Wudhu, along with fun activities to keep young ones engaged and make the process of learning an enjoyable experience, making it much more likely for them to learn from it.

The Activity Book is available to buy individually here.

my Salah Mat mummyonmymind

How we use My Salah Mat?

We have started using My Salah Mat as a learning tool, and because he has enjoyed the process of it so much, he now places the mat alongside mine as soon as it is time to pray. For me, the reason I think it is such a great investment from a young age to have is that it can be used throughout the early years and even as your child gets older and their understanding of Islam and Salah deepens with time too. It also helps that the size of the mat itself is big enough for them to not outgrow so quickly. Once I am confident that Master Z has understood the basic components of Salah such as Wudhu, Adhan and positions during Salah, I will use it to teach him the Surahs and Duas, using the recitor’s voice to ensure he gets the correct pronounciation.

With time, the more he learns, the less he will need for the voice keys to be played, and I suppose that’s when I will begin the teaching cycle all over again with Little Z In Sha Allah…although by the looks of it, he already seems to have cracked the Sujood position just by imitating his older brother!

my Salah Mat mummyonmymind

Where can I know more about and purchase My Salah Mat?

My Salah Mat Website:
Instagram: @mysalahmat
Facebook: mysalahmat

My Salah Mat is available to purchase directly from their website (they offer Worldwide Delivery!) or for those living in the UAE, you can order via Mumzworld or DeenSquare.

Their website also has some Free Downloadable Resources that you can find here.

my Salah Mat mummyonmymind

Note: This MySalahMat was gifted to us in exchange for an honest review. As always, all views and opinions expressed above are honest and solely my own.

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