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My Ramadan Diaries 2018…

Ramadan Diaries: 2018 Edition

Ramadan Eve – Chand Mubarak! It’s Little Z’s first ever Ramadan and I feel so so so blessed Alhumdulillah. Can;t believe I was pregnant with the little guy during last Ramadan. Although I won’t be fasting this year, due to breastfeeding, I am still hoping to make up for it in terms of prayers and zikr. Well, that’s the plan anyway… I have already had to soothe Little Z back to sleep twice in between praying Taraweeh so let’s see how it goes.

Day 1- We broke the first roza as a family at home, and are getting the kids used to a whole new routine. For the first time, Master Z has joined Mr Z for Taraweeh prayers and I think he is only doing it so he can stay up till late.

Day 2- There’s something so peaceful about listening to the Fajr Adhan. Oh yes, because both my boys are fast asleep and it is the sound of their deep breathing that I can hear in the background as I pray, instead of them talking, screaming or running around! Oh how I love the peace and stillness at Fajr.

Day 3- Watched the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle, followed by a trip to the hospital for Little Z’s 4 month vaccinations. There were tears and plenty of cuddles. The appointment got delayed so we had to have Iftar at the hospital canteen which was serving a special Iftar Buffet for just AED 30, and it was delicious Alhumdulillah!

Day 4- It’s all about Ramadan crafts with Master Z. Today we made a lantern to recycle a cardboard box we had, as well as cut out the Ramadan Banner I designed to stick in the downstairs make shift mosque that has been made for the men and kids in our area to pray in. Master Z was so proud!

Day 5- Harees is a Ramadan staple in our house, and one that Master Z absolutely loves too! What’s the Ramadan staple dish in yours?

Day 6- Today’s Iftari was courtesy of Lapita Hotel. A wonderful spread (including Cola bottles from the Kids Buffet) and access to the Kids Club after.

Day 7- Master Z has gotten used to the Ramadan routine and loves to help me set the table for Iftar. His favourite part is putting a single date in everyone’s plate.

Day 8- When oh WHEN will Little Z fall asleep so I can pray Taraweeh?!

Day 9- Today we drove all the way to Ras Al Khaimah because we fancied a long drive. Then I had a Burrito for Iftar, because I fancied that too. Aren’t we so blessed! Alhumdulillah!

Day 10- Although I have a UAE driving license, I don’t in fact drive. Well, it’s time to change that and today the Hubster is going start giving me driving lessons so that come September, I can do the school run for Master Z. Thankfully, there won’t be any road rage from me as I am not fasting, but I can’t say the same for my husband. God help him.

Day 11- Alhumdulillah for being blessed with so much food on our tables during Iftar.

Day 12- Back in the UK, my baby brother is helping my mother prepare all the Ramadan dishes to be distributed to family and friends. This is definitely was one of the best childhood memories I have of Ramadan, knocking door to door, handing over the parcels of food before rushing back home for Iftar.

Day 13- Ali Bannat passed away today, and it’s all over my news feed. To be honest, I hadn’t heard of him till today, but I have come to know now that getting cancer changed him to become a better person and begin much charity work. The outpouring of love shows that he has touched many hearts, and we can only pray and strive to be blessed with so many duas at our own funeral.

Day 14- Today we went to the launch of the new Keventer’s store in Sharjah City Centre. It was lovely to catch up with my gang of mummy blogger friends, whilst the kiddos enjoyed each other’s company too.

Day 15- Mr Z has his company Iftar today and has taken Master Z with him. I remember last year this happened, I found myself twiddling my thumbs, not sure what to do with myself. Well, this year, I have Little Z to keep me busy. Who would have imagined!

Day 16- It’s funny just how commercialised Ramadan is nowadays. There was a whole uproar on social media about Mac Cosmetics doing a “Suhoor Look” video tutorial a few days ago, but the truth is, here in Dubai, Suhoor IS a thing. Women DO dress up for Suhoor gatherings with friends or family, and so this is very apt for this region. In places such as UK however, yes it is laughable and no wonder why so many memes were made out of it. It sure gave a good laugh.

Day 17- Master Z loves that his daddy returns from work earlier than normal, and I love that the hubster still wants to help out with the kids as soon as he gets home, before he eventually passes out for an afternoon siesta.

Day 18- Planning Eid gifts for the kids – Master Z and my Niece Azmu. Totally forgot about getting something for Little Z until my husband mentioned it. Ooops! Sorry little man! #badparenting #FirstEid

Day 19- It is SO insanely hot outside. Temperatures are already reaching 43 degrees C, but I must remind myself before complaining that I am blessed enough to be inside my home with the AC, whilst others don’t have this luxury.

Day 20- Can you believe we are already down to the last 10 days of Ramadan 2018? I often find myself slowing down by mid-Ramadan but then this realisation pumps me back up again to do more.

Day 21- Today is my sister’s birthday so we headed for a lovely family Iftar at the new Radisson Blu in Ajman. It was delicious!

Day 22- How blessed are we to live in a country that sounds the adhan five times a day. That has provision for both fasting and non fasting folks. That serves halaal food everywhere. That observes Islam.

Day 23- The last Friday of Ramadan, and oh how quickly the month has flown past. Iftar was all about Aam Ras (Mango pulp) and hot Puris served as part of the veg Thaali at Rajdhani. Delicious but Little Z did not cooperate very well throughout, meaning I ate in intervals as myself and husband passed him between us like a hot potato! Ha!

Day 24- Videos are being circulated of a suicide in Makkah, our holiest site in Saudi Arabia, on whatsapp and social media. It comes after a string of other suicides reported in the press, of celebrities. It saddens my heart that this man was not able to find peace even in the most sacred of places. I pray others that are thinking of doing the same find solace in one way or another through a support system. Life is so precious, please don’t abandon it.

Day 25- We had a huge clear out of Master Z’s toys, and he immediately spoke about giving it away to the kids that didn’t have toys. This month has been great for introducing the concept of charity to him, as he really has started to “get” it now.

Day 26- The blessed night of Laylatul Qadr is when good deeds that are done on this night are equivalent to doing them for a 1000 nights. Though Laylatul Qadr resides in one of the odd nights of the last 10 days, it is speculated to most likely fall on the 27th day of Ramadan, which begins after Maghrib prayers (sunset) tonight. As is family tradition now, we all went to pray Taraweeh at our local masjid. I can’t say it was incredibly successful with a 5 month old baby, but it was a lovely feeling all the same.

Day 27- I really should get around to packing the kid’s eid gifts that we got so long ago! Also, we visited a friend’s home today for a small farewell party for Tarana of @sandinmytoestk, and because they had a dog that the kids enjoyed playing with, Master Z now would like a dog of his own. Let’s start with a gold fish shall we?

Day 28- Still.Need.To.Pack.Eid.Gifts.

Day 29- Time to get everyone in the house Henna-d up! Including Master Z, who decided he wants a “monster truck ice cream van with police siren.” Um…sure thing! Also, I finally got around to packing Eid gifts today, which of course I ran out of gift wrapping paper halfway through and so had to improvise with newspaper! Oops! The kids won’t mind, right?!

Day 30- Eid Mubarak! Another Ramadan has come and gone Alhumdulillah, but this will be rememberd to be the first Ramadan and first Eid ul Fitr for Little Z. I pray we all live to experience another blessed Ramadan. I hope you and your families have a lovely Eid celebration, filled with happiness, love and laughter!

How was your Ramadan? I would love to know, so feel free to drop a line in the comment’s section below. Also, if you missed it, read My Ramadan Diaries from previous years here: 2017 , 2016 , 2015 .

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