Heads up to the First Time Dads…

Earlier on this month I had posted a list of ten tips that could possibly help any first time mummies out there who need a Heads Up or Know How on life as a new mummy! Today, I am sharing with you ten things that a New Daddy ought to know about how his life will be turned upside down. I asked my husband to tell me ten ways in which his life has changed since having a baby, and this is what he came up with… 

1) “Forget your 8 hour sleep.” My husband was very helpful in keeping the alarm and collecting Baby Z when he was due for a breastfeed during the night time. This often meant that I would listen to him babble something incoherrent as he was always half asleep. 

2) “Dinner will get cold and be eaten in intervals.” We would often take turns eating our meals if Baby Z was having a cranky moment. Baby Z would often decide he wanted a nap just as we put the first morsel of food in our mouth! (Grr!) 

3) “No more watching movies in the cinema theatre.” We were avid cinema goers before the baby arrived….And we have not been to the cinema since.

4) “No more wife sitting in front seat of car.” This probably does not apply to all families, but because Baby Z would get rater fidgety in the car, I used to sit at the back with him, and I must say that I missed the front seat very much! 

5) “It is hard to concentrate at work”. Aww my husband said he so badly wanted to be with me and Baby Z at home and would miss him terribly when he was at work. *sniff*

6) “Cuddling baby and going to sleep is the best feeling ever.” Daddy loves his baby cuddles just as much as Mummy! 

7) “There is more attention from family, friends and colleagues.” Who doesn’t like talking about brand new babies!! My husband found that now he was a Dad, there was a whole array of new conversation to be had and everyone wanted to know how Baby Z was doing! 

8) “Expect a lot more guests at home.” The amount of visiting guests are tripled if you are Asian because you just have a bigger family. Thankfully, although we did still get plenty of visits, the majority of our families are overseas and there was not the usually expected throng of relatives outside our front door, waiting to make the baby cry. 

9) “Even long lost friends want to congratulate you … That’s the Magic of a baby.” Many friends contacted us and wanted to hear all about the baby. There’s something beautiful about a brand new baby that brings people together. 

10) “No more long showers.” Lastly, my husband missed his long showers during the first weeks of being a new daddy because he always had to be “on call” to help me with the baby! 

I am very fortunate that my partner is a very Hands on Daddy and I know I would not have been able to survive the first few weeks without his support. This post is dedicated to all the great and supportive new dads! 

If you have any other tips for New Dads, please share them below in the comments section! Thanks for reading! 

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