Deciding To Change His Name…

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This blog started off as an online diary, and has captured many milestones of Baby Z from when he was 9 months old. If only I had started it sooner, so that I had his new born moments to look back on too. Reading some of my old posts, I can’t quite believe how quickly he is growing up already. Days turn into weeks. Weeks turn into months. His first steps seem like a decade ago, but I am so glad I can relive those moments by reading the post I wrote moments after he took those fumbled steps and collapsed into my arms.

Which is why I am writing this post. I want to hold on. To all his little actions. To his mischief.  To the every day moments I never want to forget.

To his voluntary kisses, that come out of nowhere as I crouch beside him, taken by surprise.

To feeding him his favourite morning snacks like cheesy pasta or a plum (pronounced by him as “pum”)

To reading a book together, or rather his favourite one “Bubbles” that he asks me to read again and again.

To giving him a bath every morning and watching him try to swallow some bath water when I’m not looking! Yuck!

To wanting to help him but realising he can do it himself if I just wait a minute longer.


I want to hold on to the every day moments I never want to forget.

To his daily tantrums for clothes.

To doing whatever I specifically asked him NOT to.

To replying with an abrupt NO when I ask him to pick up something he dropped.

To warning him constantly not to let go of my hand when crossing the road.

To his shyness when in a new environment.


I want to hold on to the every day moments I never want to forget.

To washing his scooter together.

To sweeping the floor together, or rather me telling him to go sweep somewhere else so I can clear up the mess quickly!

To watch him nap in the afternoon so soundly, enwrapped in tranquility.

To the days he wants to wear his bike helmet indoors, and even sleep with it beside him because he loves it so much.

To watching him laugh hysterically when Daddy and I tickle him.


I jot them down here, because I want these to be ingrained in stone. Ingrained in my heart to be treasured. Remembered forever.

But I can only hold on to these in my heart, both the good and bad moments. The everyday moments. The little moments. The heart melting moments as well as the frustrating moments. Because as each of these moments pass, you grow and carry on growing. These moments will soon be gone, never to return. And as I write this, I realise you are no longer a Baby anymore. I had written about this earlier, but couldn’t quite come to terms with it. How could I? But now…now it feels right.

The time has come for your name to be changed. I have decided that now I shall call you Master Z. Master Z to myself (Mrs. Z) and Mr Z. Master of mine and daddy’s heart.

Because you are no longer a baby. Quite Little, but definitely not a baby. Always my baby, but also a little boy. My little baby boy with his big persona. Thus it’s time to let go of the alias name that I gave you when I started this blog. Instead, you will now be called Master Z and will be referred to as such here and everywhere else related to this blog.

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