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ClevaMama ClevaCushion™ 10 in 1 Nursing Pillow – Review…

Being a second time mother means that I have already learnt from my mistakes from my first experience. One of these mistakes I had made when pregnant with my first born was over buying. I felt I needed every single product recommendation that was thrown at me, some that were useful, some that I hardly used, with each of these baby products doing some tiny specific job or another. 

This is why when I was pregnant with Little Z and I came across the ClevaMama ClevaCushion 10 in 1 Nursing Pillow, I was intrigued. One product that could be used in TEN ways?! Let’s face it, with a toddler at home already, I hardly had space for a zillion baby products this time, so such a concept was very appealing. Well, I can tell you now, from the day I started using the ClevaCushion, I have not looked back since, and it has been a permanent fixture on my bed, ready to be grabbed countless times during the day.

The ClevaCushion comes with an extra comfort insert as well as two colourful toys that you can hook on to the pillow. Another interesting fact is that the ClevaCushion is made using ClevaFoam® technology, which was researched and developed with the University of Trinity College Dublin,and it is scientifically proven to reduce the pressure on the back of your baby’s head by 50% and increase support by an enormous 80%, thereby helping to prevent Flat Head Syndrome.

Using ClevaMama ClevaCushion™ during Pregnancy

I started using the ClevaCushion in my third trimester as a Pregnancy Pillow. I would use it as a back support whilst sitting down, mostly when I was working on my laptop. The sturdy pillow ensured that my back was always aligned correctly, and I was not slouching. I also used it during the night, either between my legs whilst sleeping on my side to align my backbone, or under my legs to prop up my feet to reduce water retention. This helped so much in terms of getting a good night’s sleep and being as comfortable as a pregnant mama in her third trimester can possibly be. I only wish I had started using it even sooner!

Using ClevaMama ClevaCushion™ whilst Nursing

Once I gave birth to Little Z, I switched using the ClevaCushion as a back and feet support to a Nursing Pillow. I place it around my waist whilst sitting on the bed, and lie Little Z across the top to feed him. When he was a newborn, I did have to place another pillow under the ClevaCushion because he was so tiny, but now he is big enough for me not to do this anymore.

I didn’t feel the need to use the adjustable waist strap that gives extra support and stability, but some may prefer to use it. I use the pillow during every feed, and love that because of the C like shape of the ClevaCushion, it supports Little Z’s head and my arm underneath, no matter which side I am feeding from.

Using ClevaMama ClevaCushion™ as a Newborn

As Little Z got more curious, I began placing him inside the gap of the ClevaCushion and occasionally also using the extra comfort insert, to turn the nursing pillow into a luxurious baby nest. Of course, I do not leave him unattended and he really likes that he can see what I am doing from a slightly elevated position.

A few weeks ago, I attached the two toys that come with the ClevaCushion and Little Z now also enjoys tummy time whilst playing or looking at them. One of them is a rattle, and keeps him very much entertained, whilst the other has a small mirror on it so he can see himself.

Would I recommend the ClevaMama ClevaCushion™?

I most certainly would. As mentioned before, the ClevaCushion has literally not left my side since the last few months of my pregnancy, and I use it on a daily basis for numerous things. (You may have seen it in the background of most of my Instastories when I am at home!) I love that only one product is so versatile, and I am yet to get the full use out of it as Little Z gets older. This means that not only has it saved me money from buying all kinds of different products to do all the different jobs that this pillow does, it has also saved me space in my home.

ClevaMama has launched this pillow in other more neutral colours too. You can choose from Blue, Cloud, Cream and Pink. Though I would have preferred another colour during my pregnancy and initial days after birth, simply for aesthetic reasons, now that Little Z is more active, I know he enjoys the array of bright colours and patterns for him to engage with, and I am really happy about the ClevaCushion being multicoloured.

I can honestly say that if you are looking for a Pregnancy and Newborn Essentials Item, it is this. It has helped me tremendously during the past few months, and will carry on doing so in the months to come. ClevaMama® also has a great range of other genius products to make your life as Mummy much easier and ensure your child is comfortable.

Where can I purchase it?

ClevaMama products are available to purchase from Mothercare, Mumzworld, Toys R Us and Spinney’s. You can also find the ClevaCushion amongst my Mumzworld Mumz Panel Picks. (Use the code Mummyonmymind10 for a 10% discount when shopping from Mumzworld.)

For more information, please visit

Note: I was gifted the ClevaMama ClevaCushion 10 in 1 Nursing Pillow to review. However, all views and opinions expressed above are honest and solely my own. 

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